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How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Cocoage Cosmetics Products

Use Cocoage Cosmetics and their line of gold-infused products to counter cellulite and other signs of aging.

Why Gold Skincare Helps You Say “See Ya” To Cellulite

Among skincare and beauty concerns, signs of aging such as wrinkles are probably public enemy number one. But the dimpled skin that comes from cellulite just might be a close second. It’s a big reason why Cocoage products that claim to diminish the appearance of cellulite are big sellers in the beauty industry.

One ingredient that might have a positive impact on diminishing the appearance of cellulite has been around for a while. That product is the precious metal gold. The skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics are well aware of the powerful effects of gold, which is why they incorporated the metal into a full line of gold cosmetics. We spoke with them to get a greater understanding of just why gold skincare is so effective at banishing cellulite.

It’s about the Ions
As a precious metal, gold has ions that stimulate the skin cells its applied to the body. This stimulates the cells of the skin, and in turn improves circulation of blood throughout the tissues. The result is tighter skin that’s less likely to show the signs of cellulite. Check out this other blog post about tightening skin!

#2 Collagen Boosting with Cocoage Cosmetics
As you age, collagen (something that promotes youth and elasticity) gradually begins to break down in the skin and isn’t replenished. Over time, this gradually leads to the appearance of saggy skin and cellulite. But gold has been shown to slow down the loss of collagen. It’s easy to see how this effect can result in tighter and firmer skin with fewer visible signs of cellulite.

#3 Excellent for Elastin
Elastin is another skin component that keeps the skin tight and youthful. And gold has been shown to counter the loss of elastin, as well. If you want to harness the cellulite-fighting power of gold in your own skincare and beauty regimen, you have plenty of options. Cocoàge Cosmetics’ 24K Gold Sweet Whipped Body Butter and Cocoa Powder 24K Gold Body Scrub are two of the most effective.

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