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5 Gold Skincare Tips to Make the Most of Cocoage Cosmetics

Use these gold skincare tips with Cocoàge Cosmetics to truly feel the anti-aging benefits our their luxury skincare line.

Why Should You Trust Cocoage Cosmetics?

Surprisingly, gold has been coveted as a skincare and beauty product for thousands of years. It’s only recently that the scientific research on gold skincare has caught up to what many already knew: It’s a powerful ingredient for warding off the signs of aging and keeping you looking great well into your years. We’re going to reveal some gold skincare tips to truly take advantage of the precious metal.

The skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics recently developed an entire line of all-new skincare products around the precious metal. They shared their tops tips for making the best use of gold cosmetics in your beauty


The 5 Gold Skincare Tips For Glowing Skin

#1 Target Wrinkles 
The ionic activity of gold stimulates the skin cells, reducing the loss of collagen and keeping wrinkles at bay. Try it yourself with Cocoàge Cosmetics’ HOT TEMP Intense 24K Gold Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

#2 Focus on the Eyes
One of the areas where the anti-aging effects of gold can have the biggest impact is on the eyes, a common spot for wrinkles . Cocoàge offers the Concentrated 24K Gold Caffeine Eye Serum and the Delight Caffeine 24K Gold Eye Cream to help in that effort.

#3 Give Yourself a Facial.
A facial treatment, such as Cocoàge’s 24K Gold Chocolate Magnetic Mask, can deliver targeted gold power to brighten the complexion and fight signs of aging.

#4 Cocoage Cosmetics Can Exfoliate Your Skin.
Gold is also a powerful exfoliating agent to renew and refresh the skin. Cocoa Powder 24K Gold Body Scrub is definitely up to the task in this area.

#5 Then Moisturize.
Finally, moisturizing is essential , and Cocoàge Cosmetics offers an excellent option for hydrating the skin; the Blanc Chocolat 24K Gold Whipped Body Lotion.

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